No, we're definitely out of the woods and have been for a couple weeks now. Aside from the Dems' unexpected downballot bruising, the ultimate outcome of this election has been...pretty much what you'd expect.

Trump started his Presidency with a 3 million-voter deficit, spent four years pissing everybody off, then lost by twice as much the next election. Biden rebuilt the Blue Wall by performing well with college-educated Whites and flipped two traditionally Red states, which helped partially satiate our urge to see Trump experience SOME sort of symbolically significant loss. Yeah, Trump did better than expected with Blacks and Latinos, but "better" by Republican standards is "abysmal" by any other. (Nothing says "I'm not racist" quite like getting jazzed that "only" 80% of Black people don't like you.)

As expected, Trump clumsily tried to have Barry Zuckercorn execute a public coup d'etat, but it turns out that courts aren't Facebook posts and require a specific reason to reallocate or invalidate millions of votes. If your fear in the run-up to the election was Trump would say "something something voter fraud" in the courts, congratulations! Because I'm pretty sure he instructed his lawyers to actually say "something something voter fraud".

Which isn't to say the fact that the President blatantly trying to steal the election isn't a big deal. It clearly is. But it's more in terms of the ongoing erosion of trust in our institutions than a literal takeover.

Take a deep breath. We are officially in the "one day we'll look back on this and want to laugh but feel too tired and nauseous" phase.



So there's this thing called privacy

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