You know, not being racist should come naturally. It shouldn’t be exhausting, stressful, or require manually rewinding the individual neurons in your prefrontal cortex. Your end goal is to be a normal person that can have normal person interactions.

But lately I’ve been reading all these panicky white people that are so consumed with white guilt that they can’t interact with black people without wearing one of those bomb-disposal suits from Hurt Locker for fear of saying something that could be misconstrued as offensive or patronizing.

And it’s like…this is not how social interactions are supposed to work. You should be able to hold a basic conversation with a black person without feeling the immediate urge to grade yourself.

I’m not gonna speak on behalf of black people, but I really cannot think of anything more uncomfortable than trying to have a normal conversation with someone whose brain is endlessly screaming “Don’t be racist don’t be racist”. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable.



So there's this thing called privacy

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