Aaron Boyd
2 min readFeb 21, 2024


Yeah guys, why would the dictator who's constantly imprisoning and killing his political opponents imprison and kill his political opponent? It just doesn't add up.

Sure, Putin already poisoned Navalny twice before, but why would he do it a *third* time? Aside from the fact that he survived the first two attempts?

Clearly the West decided to frame Putin for something he does constantly. It just makes way too much sense.

I mean, name *one thing* Putin has done in the past two years to make everyone on earth fucking hate him.

If we don't frame him for a crime he's already done like 50 other times, Putin will......I have no idea how to sarcastically end this sentence.

This is honestly the stupidest propaganda I've heard in my entire life. You dumbasses just handed me a golden opportunity to talk about how your limp-dicked dictator constantly murders people who make him look bad.

Yevegny Progozhin (2023)
Occupation: Hot Dog Salesman
Crime: Leading a thunder run to Moscow as a practical joke and causing Putin to shit his pants in front of the world
Punishment: Airplane mysteriously crashed a month later due to, according to Putin, everyone getting drunk and throwing grenades around for fun

Sergei Yushenkov (2003)
Occupation: Opposition politician
Crime: Investigating potential FSB involvement in the apartment bombings Putin used to justify the second Chechen war and cement his political authority
Punishment: Shot dead outside his home

Anna Politkovskaya (2006)
Occupation: Journalist
Crime: Investigating human rights abuses in Chechnya
Punishment: Shot dead inside her apartment, execution-style

Aleksandr Litvinenko (2006)
Occupation: Former FSB agent who specializes in organized crime
Crime: Defected to the UK, accused Putin of running a "Mafia state", ALSO investigated FSB involvement in the 1999 apartment bombings Putin totally didn't cause
Punishment: Poisoned with Polonium tea in the UK by an assassin, using an extremely rare and painful poison very few people have

Natalya Estemirova (2009)
Occupation: Human rights advocate
Crime: Investigating human rights abuses in Chechnya (again), pointing the finger at local police for their involvement
Punishment: Abducted from her home, shit in the chest and head

Sergei Magnitsky (2009)
Occupation: Lawyer, whistleblower
Crime: Investigating