Aaron Boyd
Nov 14, 2020


What is it with racists and the weirdly specific defense of claiming their racism is actually a scathingly satirical standup comedy routine they've been polishing?

Why are all these 56 year-old retired lawnmower repairmen pretending to moonlight as edgy professional comedians whose entire livelihoods revolve around making dangerous, controversial observations other people don't have the balls to say out loud?

This is literally the only time these people show any interest in comedy whatsoever.

And 100% of their "jokes" are at the expense of women and minorities.

And they're not really "jokes" so much as they are mean-spirited complaints.

And they get really, really touchy at any jokes that target white guys.

I mean, if you're going to have this unnaturally specific and implausible defense, why not say you're rehearsing for an off-Broadway performance of Raisin In The Sun? That makes about as much sense as a flood of conservative Boomers flooding the UCB Academy out of nowhere.