Aaron Boyd
2 min readJan 2, 2021


Well, if Democrats are the only side that isn't actively trying to dismantle the world's oldest democracy based on half-assed claims of nonexistent fraud just so they can invalidate an election they clearly lost and install an unelected dictator that barely wants the job, then yes, I guess by default that would make Democrat victories more valid than Republican victories.

One thing you'll notice--well, maybe not you specifically, but most people--with pretty much 100% of the defenses of Trumpism is that they all have extremely glaring, easily addressed problems with them, to the point where you start to wonder "Is this a trick? Does he really expect people not to respond with [insert comically obvious rebuttal here]?"

And tying them all together is the expectation that we're supposed to just pretend context doesn't exist.

So here's the context:

A notoriously narcissistic, delusional man with a long history of inventing conspiracies and outright lies to avoid taking responsibility for his failures has invented a conspiracy based on outright lies to avoid taking responsibility for his failure.

He has supported his claims with...nothing whatsoever. He just declared voter fraud the microsecond he realized he was losing and hunted for evidence later. (Most would see this as something of a red flag.)

Despite his utter lack of legal standing, Trump was still given an opportunity to make his case with virtually unlimited resources and access to all the high-powered attorneys he could ask for.

He filed over 60 frivolous lawsuits, all of which were instantly laughed out of court for failure to provide actual evidence substantiating his claims. You know, the important part? (Well, maybe not to the right-wing social media bubble, but we're talking about the real world.)

His followers, who are equally notorious for their complete disinterest in objective, critical thinking and shameless willingness to parrot his claims without question, have unflinchingly accepted this as true and expect others to as well.

Because they live in a bubble.

You had your chance to make your case and you failed miserably. Trump had his chance to serve a second term and failed miserably. You lost. Period.

And yet, despite every argument you've presented collapsing under seconds of mild scrutiny, you continue to attempt to invalidate the election. You continue to try to invalidate my vote. You continue to attack the beating heart of the country you claim to love. You've abandoned any pretense of having a reason beyond "fuck you, I want it."

And yet you expect us to accept that this is really about "election security" with a straight face.