This is beyond absurd. In the run-up to the election, being vigilant of Trump's willingness to rig the election any way he could was totally reasonable. But it was extremely clear to everyone Biden had won only a few days after the election, and everything afterwards was just Republicans rolling their eyes and making jerkoff motions every time Trump brought up fraud.

But November 20th? After we'd had two weeks to process Biden's victory and his, what, 5 million vote margin? While votes were still trickling in?

As stupid, corrupt, and amoral as the GOP is, hatching a literal coup two weeks after being re-elected so they can keep this guy they clearly hate in office instead of a conventional political foil that they secretly get along with in private just reeks of the "Trump Has Magic Nightmare Powers" school of liberal paranoia.

Like...Christ dude, he can't even get his lawyer to book the right Four Seasons. He once Tweeted that Mars is part of the moon and nobody remembers that because he said something even stupider two hours later. He's not Littlefinger. He's Joffrey with worse people skills.



So there's this thing called privacy

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