Aaron Boyd
2 min readApr 28, 2024


Oh I totally dare, because it's the truth: China, Russia, and North Korea are miserable shitholes run by corrupt, incompetent dictators who live in luxury and care only about holding on to power, not serving their people.

If you think this is "Western propaganda" , hold on to your hat and take a seat, because I'm about to blow your mind: You were just brainwashed by propaganda. Probably Russian.

It's kind of their thing: All their brainwashing and propaganda begins with "The West is brainwashing you with propaganda", which makes the brainwashed person feel very intelligent.

The problem is that this is really dumb because:

1) It's just a dumb attempt to distract people from their own horrific crimes.

2) It assumes you can get away with any crime as long as you call someone else a hypocrite first, because apparently another person's hypocrisy magically makes it okay to murder children,

3) Speaking of hypocrisy, it's pretty goddamn hypocritical to defend the daily atrocities of Russia/China/North Korea, then turn around and pretend to feign compassion for the people of Gaza.

And according to Rule 2, since you're being hypocritical, it's now okay for us to murder Palestinians for sport.

(It's also total bullshit: Biden's made it clear Israel is too valuable of an ally to drop completely, but he's pissed about what they're doing and pressuring Netanyahu to scale back. It's a complicated geopolitical problem with no easy answers. We're not just joyfully murdering Gazans for fun.)

4) Most importantly, it totally misunderstands how "Western propaganda" works, because this shit is written by dictators who don't understand democracy and think everything has to come from the government.

Meanwhile, in reality, our government is one voice of many. The rest come from countless other groups, big and small, left and right, public and private, who are NOT doing the government's bidding.

What dictators call "Western propaganda" is what everyone with the freedom to speak their mind calls "reality."