Aaron Boyd
2 min readSep 5, 2020


Nice Guys are utter sociopaths. I subscribe to a lot of subreddits cataloging examples of specific subcultures, attitudes, cliches, and general patterns of thought or behavior that aren't usually preserved, but rather said in passing.

One of these is Nice Guys. Every single day, as I scroll through my news feed, I'll easily see at least half a dozen screenshots of Nice Guys exhibiting the exact same stupid, selfish, and entitled behavior with such specificity you'd think someone's making them read from the same script.

To them, all relationships are subconsciously transactional. If they do something nice for you, they mentally award themselves a Sex Point and tally it in my head. After enough "good deeds", they decide it's time to redeem their Sex Points like tickets at the carnival, and are outraged that women aren't accepting their imaginary mental currency and honoring a contract that exists exclusively in the Nice Guy's head. (And I'm using the term "good deeds" loosely; a lot of these guys award themselves Sex Points just for vaguely existing and calling themselves Nice)

Every single time, without fail, when the woman politely rejects the Nice Guy, no matter how polite impersonal the rejection is, the Nice Guy flies off the handle and explodes into a profane tirade.

Every. Single. Time.

First he'll call her a slut for not sleeping with him, which makes perfect sense, naturally.

Then he'll say she's ugly, and was never interested in the first place. It was all a prank! Suddenly HE'S rejecting HER, because sure champ, way to handle rejection with grace and dignity. This is how James Bond would react to being turned down.

Finally, just to prove to the woman what a terrible mistake she's made, he'll explode into fake laughter, typing "lmao" and using the "tearful laughter" roughly half a dozen times. And just so he can say he left this..."conversation" with his dignity intact, he'll conclude by blocking the woman, because after all that, why wouldn't she come crawling back?

If you think I'm exaggerating or simplifying...I'm not. These people are real and they are numerous. I have seen dozens and dozens of screenshots from conversations following this exact script, nearly beat for beat, preserved like prehistoric mosquitoes encased in amber.

Nice Guys are fucking creeps.