Aaron Boyd
1 min readApr 1, 2024


I've better ones:

1) If God is a man--and you guys are pretty dead-set on men having penises, what's God's scrotum like? Is it perfectly smooth? What's inside, Dyson Spheres?

2) Can get a boner despite having two supernovae where balls are? If got could get his Totally Necessary For Christianity To Function Penis hard, wouldn't that make him a werid sex pervert with an incest kick?

3) God frequently rewards men in the Bible--King David, for example--with a harem.

Do think God ever told there girls he made them sexy on purpose? Was he, like, trying to cheer them up in an hour of need but just came across like a creepy weirdo who only considers "their hours of need" when they're going to the bathroom?

4) At the end of Job, why does God brag about wrestling a mysterious, all-powerful cosmetic entity named leviathan, only to yell "HOLLA" and leave without elaborating on the fact that there's an eldritch abomination somewhere out there God couldn't easily dispatch?

5) God why do you have such shitty social skills, you know literally everything except how to not be a weirdo