It's important we don't allow wishful thinking or projection to cloud our judgment. If 2016 taught me anything, it's that it's virtually impossible for normal people to talk down to Trump supporters because their stupidity and laziness is so pervasive it grants their brains access to all sorts of insane trains of thought you or I would struggle to come up with on our own.

To understand these people, you can't just take a normal human brain, slough off about 40% of its neurons, and assume they'll behave like an average person but with slightly worse judgment.

For example, our brains look at what a complete dumpster fire the past four years have been and think "Well, hopefully losing the election and seeing the fallout will teach Republicans a valuable lesson so they can come to their senses, realize the error of their ways, and rejoin their brothers and sisters on both sides of the aisle."

Meanwhile, they're thinking more along the lines of "The problem is that the Democrats must not have understood Trump when he told them 'I am the greatest at everything ever.' I get that it's a complex message, but how could they go four years without ever even listening to the man????"



So there's this thing called privacy

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