I'm really grateful articles like this exist, because they're a very humanizing reminder that Black people can be racist idiots too.

You spend all this time reading all these thoughtful, nuanced, deeply personal essays on all the subtle ways race shapes a person's sense of identity, and it's easy to ensconce yourself in a bubble. You slowly start developing the subconscious stereotype that all Black people are good at writing reflective essays.

Then you see something like this, which is a tonal Mad Lib for a Ben Shapiro blog post, right down to the self-congratulatory "Sorry if I just BLEW YOUR MIND" rhetoric, and the bubble bursts.

Stuff like this is a great reminder that positive stereotypes can be destructive and dehumanizing too, because when you take away a person or group's right to be flawed, you're stripping them of one of the core components of free will, and humanity itself.

So thank you, Ben Shapiro If He Was A Black Lady. This was very helpful.



So there's this thing called privacy

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