Aaron Boyd
4 min readNov 21, 2020


I'm actually a little in awe of what a masterclass this post is in the "Trump Supporter Unsuccessfully Posing As A Racial Egalitarian And Failing Miserably" literary subgenre. There's just so many dopey White guy cliches smashed together in a row it's kind of impressive.

It's like every sentence is something you imagined a person who isn't racist is supposed to say, but is unintentionally revealing on so many levels.

But before I get into this, let's get something clear: That "HISTORIC WIN" among Black voters you want to treat as a landslide victory?

12%. Trump won 12% of the Black vote. Latinos were in the low 30's, I believe, about 10 points behind Bush II.

Nothing says "we're not racist!" like getting really jazzed over achieving the impossible feat of getting "only" 88% of Black people hate you.

I know declaring victory immediately after getting your ass kicked is sort of a habit for Trump voters, but a person that sincerely isn't racist would find that just a bit troubling. They'd probably want to know why so many Black people don't like them. Maybe reach out, talk to them, listen to their concerns. That sort of thing.

Hold on to that thought because we're coming back to it.

So your opening salvo is the ol' "you're being a patronizing White guy that thinks he knows what's best for the Black community better than they do." (Which is exactly what your entire post is, but I promise not to harp on this too much.) How dare I call Black Trump voters morons, what kind of vile bigot would say such things, etc. etc.

Let's shut this shit down right now.

Of course I think Black Trump voters are morons. Trump supporters in general are morons. Trump is a one of the dumbest motherfuckers on earth. Anyone in the top two-thirds of the intellectual bell curve can instantly spot this. It's not even remotely ambiguous. Anti-intellectualism is Trump's bread and butter.

Saying that some Black people, those that we're *literally cherry picking based on their voluntarily association with a notoriously anti-intellectual populist movement*, can't be idiots isn't "racist and condescending." It's treating them like people. It's what you're supposed to do.

Sincerely viewing members of marginalized groups--women, POCs, LGBTQ, etc--as human beings and not just political props used to bolster your own self-image means accepting the fact that they're allowed to be fucking idiots too.

You know, sort of like how you guys are super comfortable calling Blacks violent, lawless savages that can just mindlessly burn cities every day for months on end for no reason? That apparently are too stupid to realize they're burning their own cities down and need you to explain it to them?

That sort of thing.

If you've ever had an actual friendship with a person from one of these groups--an actual friendship, not "my one Black friend from work that I've spoken to twice" bullshit--this is something you naturally understand.

Then we get this rapid-fire string of Dopey White Guy cliches where you rattle off a bunch of lazy stereotypes about what a shithole the Black community is that unintentionally reveals a really shallow understanding of the problems they actually face.

This is where, 90% of the time, you guys say "I'm not racist, but Blacks are too dumb to think for themselves and only vote Democrat because they're easily tricked. This is not a problem with White Republicans, by the way."

(The possibility that Black Americans ARE the Democratic party, that they're in positions of leadership and are active in shaping their communities, as opposed to gullible children, will not occur to you. )

One thing I've learned over the years is that the underlying premise behind a person's argument is often more revealing and significant than the argument itself. That axiom could not be more true with Trumpism and race.

Because years of talking to you guys has taught me that you obviously do not give two shits about racism unless you think it will score political points. You are not remotely sincere. You don't view it as a serious social ill that's devastated millions of lives for absolutely no fucking reason, you see it as something "The Liberals" invented to trick you into looking bad.

And you know how I know?

Because you make it about yourself.

I know you guys think being "falsely accused" of racism is some normal, everyday problem all us White guys have to deal with.

It's not. It's definitely not.

If you're being constantly called a racist, it's because you're a fucking racist.

You realize that if a person who genuinely wasn't racist kept getting called one, the normal thing to do is talk to Black people and figure out why, then apologize and promise not to do it again? Because that person actually cares about other people and isn't constantly thinking about themselves?

And that if you sincerely cared about the well-being of Black people, you'd actually listen to them talk about their problems? And not interrupt them two seconds in to tell them how wrong they are?

Maybe you'd educate yourself a little and attune yourself to the sorts of stereotypes and dog whistles that are causing all these "miscommunications" so that you don't accidentally cause them again in the future?

Maybe you'd take police brutality seriously? Or not constantly refer to Black protesters as a bunch of violent savages that need to be put down like rabid dogs?

Maybe you wouldn't go really, really far out of your way to defend the Confederacy for no reason?

Maybe you'd be a little more--what's the word, *animated*--when literal Nazis are marching in Charlottesville and chanting "the Jews will not replace us"?

Maybe you'd get really, really angry when the President of the United States literally Retweets a video of someone yelling WHITE POWER?

Maybe the next time an unarmed, innocent Black man is shot dead while walking down the street in broad daylight, you wouldn't instinctively defend the shooters?

Of course, all those things would require a basic sense of empathy and compassion. And if you had that, you wouldn't have voted for Trump.