I do a lot of comedy writing, a niche that demands lightning in a bottle in a field that that worships lightning in a bottle as its god. Timing is critical, not just in terms of physical delivery, but being able to ride the wave of a funny premise the moment it hits you as far as you can.

You have to capture these very specific associations the moment you start to giggle to yourself, chase the premise while your brain is most engaged with it, and get those ideas down in note form ASAP, because you're going to lose it in exactly three seconds. And not even in terms of forgetting the idea, but the extremely specific word choice, delivery, and emotional beats.

I think in the specific instance of comedy, that lag between thinking, speaking, and writing is especially pronounced, last falling down a black hole. Exercises like this, that engage the two, are a very good idea.



So there's this thing called privacy

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