• MaryJo Sminkey

    MaryJo Sminkey

    Liberal and Christian, science lover and geek. Web developer now but attended vet school and will always have an interest in the sciences and animals.

  • Josh Black

    Josh Black

    Human being, writer, traveler, music lover, California native IG: @realjoshblack

  • Michael Jacobson

    Michael Jacobson

    Frontend Developer working with Angular for 10+ years. I love solving problems and building cool stuff. I sweat the details because…I love the details.

  • Jen Bungert

    Jen Bungert

  • Heather McIntyre

    Heather McIntyre

  • Josh Nickels

    Josh Nickels

  • iLango


    Wannabe poseur, Data Analyst (not a Beta Analyst) Think of your favorite comedian; I’m the opposite

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