Aaron Boyd
2 min readFeb 22, 2024


Dude. Come on. THOSE are your best Nazi FACTS? My boss complains at me to stop sharing better shit than that in front of customers EVERY DAY.

I wish that was a joke, anyway,

1) Hitler had a problem wirh infinite loud aggressive explosive farts, but I think I've already shared that one, so it doesn't count

1b) When Hitler was having his infamous negotiates with Chamberlain where he promised to stop being Hitler and Chamberlain promised "Peace in our time", Hitler tricked Chamberlain into rubbing his cum on his ass.

.......no, that's not a joke. Eva Braun confided to multiple friends in the coming--yeah, just regular "coming", behave yourself--days that "if he knew what had just happened on that couch, he would not have sat there."

1c) this exact thing happened to me at a friend's house when I spent the night this one time, so: awesome job, anonymous friend, of all the ways you could've roleplayed as Hitler, you chose me thinking your cum got in my hair

2) both Hitler and my friend are dicks

3) Hitler sold paste as antifreeze when he was a Viennese hobo

4) after gaining power, Hitler put his paste/antifreeze partner in crime in prison for making counterfeit Hitler paintings, and he retaliated by making MORE fake Hitler paintings in prison

5) Hitler had way more Jewish friends than you and me put together. Seriously. It's fucking weird. Like, any defense of "he was too insane to be held accountable for his actions" instantly dissolves if you knew how many times he violated his own laws to protect friends, which is just....just....what the fuck man

6) He 100% knew how evil the Holocaust was and took active efforts to distance himself from it, because he fucking knew.

7) That piece of shit knew.

8) He fucking knew.

9) Fuck him. Piece of shit.