Dear Trump Voters: This Is Why You Lost

I was seriously torn between “racist HP Lovecraft monster” and “racist Dr. Manhattan,” so imagine my delight and shame upon finding this. (Source: Reddit. Thank you Reddit.)
He’s very good!
Every morning Ben Shapiro comes to my house and milks my eyes for Leftist Tears. (Source:
Key word: “Your”. (Source: LOGIC and REASON)
Man, look at all these rioters and looters. They’re gonna feel really silly after you inform them that racism isn’t a problem. (Source:
See Michelle? Now THIS is a Strong Woman. (Source:
Every morning this guy pays me $5 to hold an onion under my nose and rub his gun all over my face while insisting this isn’t sexual. (Source: Someone’s wood-paneled den)
You know they say not to go topical, but a life without risks is a life that’s not worth living. (Source: Showtime)
What a bunch of badasses. I feel so inferior right now. (Source:




So there's this thing called privacy

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Aaron Boyd

Aaron Boyd

So there's this thing called privacy

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