And thank you for showing me that Medium has a highlight tool. That's pretty cool.

One thing I will say is that it's less about the thickness of your skin and more about being able to objectively recognize your place in the conversation.

In so many cases, the "thin-skinned White" is getting offended at things that aren't even directed at them personally. (Think of Whites that freak out whenever anyone brings up slavery, as if they personally are now on trial.)

It's not about sensitivity, it's about not making yourself the center of every conversation.

And even if it *does* pertain to you, unless you're a public figure that's made a lot of controversial statements, 99% of the time the author has no idea who you are and are speaking in more of a general, theoretical context, like "White people need to do more soul-searching". This too is less about emotional toughness and more about willingness to improve yourself as an act of empathy.



So there's this thing called privacy

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