Screengrab from Agent Q’s CIA recruitment video. (Source: [REDACTED])

This picture looks like Percival Everett just caught you spying on him in the bushes. Quick! Think of an excuse! (Source: New York Times)

Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip of all time. (Source:; Artist: Bill Watterson)

Where it all began. (Source:

Pictured: Q’s average Saturday night: Fending off yet another of Obama’s assassins. (Source: surveillance photos)

Remember how gung-ho these people were about the police state six months ago?

The party of Law and Order. (Source: The Daily Standard)
  1. The real problem isn’t Trump himself, but the tens of millions of Americans that worship him as a living God and the rotten culture that made this acceptable.
  2. We have ignored…

Aaron Boyd

So there's this thing called privacy

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